Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Automate or Obsolete

There is a decision that all businesses in the manufacturing industry must face as we enter the year 2013. Automate, or become obsolete?

Automation has been growing in popularity in the manufacturing industry for nearly 5 decades. Once upon a time, robotic automation was only ever found in large auto-maker plants. Today, businesses large and small are adopting automation, and it is quickly becoming an industry standard. The bottom line is that any industry that manufactures goods through automation will have much higher profits than a business that still makes their goods by hand. With this being said, a company without automation stands no chance of competing with a company with automation.

In order to make the cross-over into full automation, a company needs to have its assembly lines engineered correctly and powered by PCB assemblies and robotics. Best Proto is a PCB manufacturing company that also helps guide companies into an easy transition into the future.

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