Monday, January 28, 2013

Helping the Addicted, Across the US

With the United States facing higher rates of drug use, drug overdoses, and other traumatic effects of the popularity of drugs being higher than ever before, certain treatment centers are taking a stance against the rise, and are encouraging those that have been affected by this to seek helpful, quality treatment for their disease.

Recognized as a true disease now, the spread of the addiction disease has hit epidemic proportions. Above It All Treatment is a 12 step recovery programs in Los Angeles CA that treats addictions to alcohol, opiates, cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs, heroin, and other substances. Through a variety of treatment programs -- based off of the 12-step philosophy -- Above It All can offer help to both those afflicted with addiction, and the family members and friends that have also been affected by this.

Visit Above It All online at: or by calling them at 888-634-4546.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Chilly Weather Across the US

We have been getting updates from readers all across the country about the chilly temperatures that are flooding the US right now. Construction projects have been put on hold by our friends in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and even the Florida Panhandle!

How is the weather where you are at?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Brightening Up Your Workplace

Courtesy of LED in Action

Some of the most rugged, toughest jobs in harsh environments usually start early in the morning, before even a single ray of sunlight is anywhere in site. However, even though the light is dim in the wee hours of a hard day's work, your worksite, warehouse, or project area should never be lacking efficient light for your work to get done safely and effectively.

Producing quality goods, depends a lot on the tools that were supplied in order to get the end product. Lighting is actually one of the most important tools when it comes to working on projects of any nature, or in any field or industry. Bad lighting can lead to accidents and oversights, as well as to dangerous conditions where someone could get hurt. whether your work site requires high bay lighting, warehouse lighting, or advanced custom lighting solutions, LED in Action offers lighting solutions that are ensured to handle even the harshest of environments. Their products were designed specifically for intense conditions in factories, warehouses, and even military applications, but are energy-efficient, and affordable enough to use in the home, or even on a camping trip.

To learn more about LED in Action's products, philosophy, to browse their online catalog, or to review information on the Department of energy's ratings of these products, visit them online at:

Tactical Clothing and Equipment from Kellac

Courtesy of Kellac

There are so many wonderfully fun and exciting things that you can do in the outdoors with friends or family, all year 'round. Outdoor fun is never limited by the seasons, as long as you have the right gear. Whether your passion is winter expeditions, fall hunting, summer camping, or spring hikes, all are great opportunities to get out of your element and witness the beauty of nature.

No matter what your choice is for spending some time outdoors, when it comes to choosing your gear and equipment for your time out on the path, the choice should be very simple. Kellac is the premiere uniform supplier for our Nation's Armed Services, as well as for uniformed professionals in many of the leading security firms. Kellac provides only the highest quality of gear that is environmentally tested to handle the roughest of military applications, as well as any of the toughest of recreational outdoor getaways.

Just some of the few most popular items sought-after by outdoor enthusiasts are Kellac's own:

 To start browsing through the huge collection of items in Kellac's online catalog, to learn more about Kellac, or to start your order, visit Kellac online at:

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Company, Community Raise Donations Together

Courtesy of Roofers Supply

It is a very heartwarming and inspiring act when a company -- especially a large company that has seen record growth in the past year -- sets aside time and effort to give back to the community and to those who are less fortunate. In the winter 2012 season Roofers Supply, a Utah wholesale roofing supplies seller and construction specialists, geared up for a joint effort between themselves and the community of Utah citizens to raise donations for those in need.

This food drive is just the latest of kind acts that this Utah roofing staple has undertaken in the years since its establishment as a family-owned and operated business in 1994. Taking in $8,620.00 in cash donations, handing out 1,013 sweatshirts, and collecting over 2,000 lbs. of food, this successful food and donation drive is one of the many philanthropic activities the company plans to repeat in years to come, as it continues on with its philosophy of offering care and compassion to all who are our brothers and sisters.

In addition to the community events that Roofers Supply has scheduled for the coming year, they also plan to keep powering forward and continue to grow and expand upon the success that allowed for the company's five locations.

To learn more about Roofers Supply, materials and products offered, to browse through their catalog, or to learn more about the company's charitable events, visit them online at:

or stop by one of Roofers Supply's 5 convenient locations:

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let's Get To Work In 2013

Photo Courtesy of Innovatech Products

2013 is officially here. We have said our goodbyes to 2012 and have made our resolutions for 2013. One resolution we all should be sure to have is to work hard in 2013. The economy is beginning to make a comeback, and so many of our friends and family are once again employed and contributing to the hardworking American know-how and ethics that make our country so proud.

2013 looks like it will be a big year for the construction industry. Construction, it seems, is what Americans do best, and in order to protect and strengthen our infrastructure, our government is planning and executing many high-dollar projects. 

Whether your work schedule has you planning a multimillion dollar complex for a high-tech firm, building housing or utilities with the Army Corps of Engineers, or simply renovating an old warehouse, be sure that you have all the right tools to get the job done right.

Innovatech Products is an online purveyor of all of the products and machinery you will need to get that project taken care of. Including tile removal products, floor grinders, and concrete polishing tools, Innovatech products are tested and trusted.

To view a full catalog of products, to learn more about the company, or for pricing and locations, visit Innovatech online at:

Alternative Parts in the Manufacturing Workplace

Photo Courtesy of

Whatever product or good you are manufacturing, quality manufacturers know that the most professional manufacturing and fabrication equipment comes from Amada America. In the manufacturing industry, no other machine has gained notoriety for being a durable, reliable workhorse. 

While these machines are god-like in their ability to think and create products that are perfect down to the most accurate micrometer, they are not ethereal, they are mortal -- this means that, even though they are legends in the blue collar worker's hall of fame, they are not entirely infallible. Things do go wrong, and pieces have a tendency to break. When they do break, you need to go to the professionals for replacement parts, machines, or qualified service for parts and machines.

Alternative Parts Inc. is a purveyor of Amada America products, as well as a licensed technician for a multitude of fabrication machines through a number of different brands. So if you need alternative or replacement parts, need servicing for existing products, or would simply like to browse through new and innovative technologies and breakthroughs in manufacturing and fabrication, visit the experts from Alt Parts online at:

2013 Looks Bright for Construction Jobs

Photo Courtesy of Roofers Supply Group

We are barely a week into 2013 right now, and already this new year has brought us a lot of good news about the overall state of the U.S., and the state of its citizens. The American people, though through troubles and years of struggles through the Great Recession, are beginning to bounce-back in a resilient return to productivity and prominence.

In addition to lowered jobless claims, more companies hiring, less housing foreclosures, and higher holiday spending, the construction industry -- one of the hardest hit by the initial downfall of the economy -- is beginning to see a bright return as well. With 10 states across the U.S. increasing their minimum wages, an increase in public works projects and commercial construction, and with homes beginning to sell and increase in value, the stage is set for a very big construction industry comeback.

Edward Mason, a roofing contractor from Ogden, UT states, "I have a really good feeling about 2013. I have already had three calls this week for big projects this spring... and that is a very good start." In the past few years, Mason admits that it was taking up until the month of May to line up just a few projects for the year. "We are truly blessed to have the work, and we are very thankful for it."

Mason's words reflect the feeling in many American's hearts, that there is a feeling of renewed hope that came with 2013, and we hope that the prosperity will continue to shine on us throughout the coming years, as we have the opportunities, once again, to earn an honest day's work, and to live with and for our families.

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year Deals At Auctions

Photo Courtesy of Affiliated Auctions

The new year offers many great shopping deals through retail stores and online shopping websites alike. But, there other outlets to purchase items at great low prices that you might not think to consider.

As the new year begins, many of the legal and financial nuances of estates and trusts are coming to an end, allowing for properties and possessions to go forward to auction. These auctions can be a great place to find one of a kind items at unheard of prices. Auctions come in many different forms, including: gun auctions, military auctions, estate auctions, police auctions, and other niche types of auctions.

Estate and trust auctions can yield some of the best deals, as the properties and items sold usually have not been adequately estimated for value, and getting the items sold quickly is at the forefront of concerns for those hosting the auction. Anything can be found at these auctions including: gold coins, furniture, and even animals and livestock. Some of the biggest finds that individuals have encountered at auctions are:

  • Stock Certificates
  • Vintage Wines
  • Gold Krugerrands
  • Ming Dynasty Vases
  • Historical Documents
  • Master Recording Tapes
  • Military Memorabilia
  • Armory and Weapons
  • and more...
The list of treasures you can find through auctions is quite literally endless. To start searching for auctions, to learn more about the auction process, or to view found treasures, visit Affiliated Auctions online at:

Battery Prevention

Picture Courtesy of

Every winter I take a trip. For this winter's little getaway, I decided that I would take a vacation all by myself, instead of doing a big, family-driven holiday. It would be a trip taken all alone... Well, almost all alone, I made the trip with my new BMW 500cc motorcycle. Yes, this trip was kind of just an excuse to ride my motorcycle and be alone while feeling the cool air blow through my hair.

I made the drive from Phoenix, Arizona to Helotes, Texas. It was a long drive, a good 4 days round trip, but it was a peaceful drive that gave me plenty of time to reflect on the past year before New Years Eve.

The trip was going quite well. I had just stopped to have breakfast in Lordsburg, New Mexico when, upon returning to my bike, I had an uneasy feeling. It wasn't the 4 extra strips of thick cut bacon that I ordered with my eggs and fried potatoes, it was a nagging feeling that something was just wrong. Trying to shake this feeling away, I kicked over the engine, only to hear a lifeless response. The bike was dead.

Panic shot through me. The battery, I though, please let it just be the battery. Growing up in the Southwestern United States, I have seen my share of batteries meet a bitter end in the crisp-cold winters of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, so I had come for this trip prepared. Pulling my Leatherman tool from its home at the side of my belt, I opened up the casing on my bike to reveal the battery. Without testing it, I removed the old battery, tossed it onto the ground, and produced a brand new replacement motorcycle battery from my backpack. Finally, we would see if carrying this heavy extra battery for 800 miles would pay off. Once connected, I set the battery inside of its casing and gave the crank another kick. The engine burst into a full rumble and the pangs of anxiety released from my tensed muscles. It was the battery!

With my trip back on, I decided to take a little tour of Lordsburg, slowly driving up and down the streets. I wasn't necessarily taking in the ambiance of this quiet, quaint town, I was searching for a battery store. Not out of necessity, but out of curiosity. I wanted to see how out of luck I would have been if I hadn't brought that spare battery. What I found, was that it would have been terrible luck without a spare battery. The town was sleepy, and being that it was Christmas Eve, all shops were closed. Even if they had been open, it would have been tough to find the specific type of battery I needed.

In short, by me thinking ahead, and purchasing my spare battery from Battery Mart before I started out on the road, I saved myself and my vacation from whatever dangers may lurk in sleepy little towns in New Mexico.