Monday, February 18, 2013

History of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management has its roots deep within the history of pirating and naval shipping. Originally, the supply chain of nations was managed either by a royal ministry, or an organization. The Dutch East Indian Trading company became famous and one of the richest organizations in the world by affective supply chain management.

What supply chain management entails is the managing of capital, stock, and transportation of products from one point to another. These original masters of management controlled the production of their transportation vehicles (ships), and oversaw the effective shipping strategies used to keep the costs of their adventures low, and the profits from each trip maximized. While most companies today probably aren't dealing in jewels and gold, any company that utilizes logistics and/or transportation can learn a valuable lesson from the tactics inspired by the East Indian Trading Company.

While ships are still used today for some international shipping and logistics, airplanes and trains are the preferred format for transportation in modern times. Shipping by airplane can be expensive, as jet fuel must be managed into the cost of transportation; this is why management of transportation is so important. If the costs are not correctly balanced in a shipping situation, the cost of shipping can easily exceed the revenue for that particular product. A business that is losing money somewhere in the shipping process is destined to fail without a reliable logistics manager.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mathematics for a Bright Future

Founded in 1888, The American Mathematical Society (then called the New York Mathematical Society) was established in dedication to interests of mathematical research and scholarship. The main goal of this association was to reward mathematical achievements and to promote excellence in the study of math. Over a century later, this association is stronger than ever and is involved in a multitude of programs that support mathematics and the education system as a whole. Through the scholarships and programs offered by the association, many students have won awards and citation that have allowed them to continue their education and build a career full of opportunities.

The opportunities that arise for a student with a full knowledge of mathematics is immense. In fact, students who attain higher grades and test scores in mathematics tend to have higher wages, better jobs, and more opportunities in life. This is a major reason why so many tutoring services and programs have a high focus on mathematical studies. Mathnasium offers tutoring in math and other subjects through their learning centers, locations all around the United States and Canada.

With a full understanding and an ease in the subject of math, the opportunities open to your children are the greatest gift they can receive. Enroll in tutoring programs from Mathnasium today to get a head start on your children's futures.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Mansard Roofs, French Styles Making a Comeback

For many years in the United States the most popular roofing style has been a simple sloped roof built on a series of footers with a waterproof skin that repels precipitation. In-fact, aside from some of the more historic homes on the Eastern Seaboard, and the manors of Long Island, the majority of homes in the US still use this plain, no-frills, utilitarian style.

There is however a new push toward building homes with more ornate and stylish roofing materials and designs. One style in particular is gaining national attention for its revived popularity: Mansard style roofs. A beautiful French styled roof, the Mansard style is famous for its use of variable sloping roofs that form an obtuse curvature to the entire roof. Not only is this design visually attractive, but serves a purpose as well. The style hails from the Alsace region of France, a region that often sees torrential rains and other precipitation. The Mansard roof style has steeper slopes at the edge of the roof, and shallower grade roofs toward the peak, which provokes precipitation to fall off of the room and not collect.

While the movement to bring back the Mansard roof is still gaining speed, its greatest centers of popularity are in the American South, where many plantation style dwellings have a Mansard style crown, and in the American Southwest, primarily in Utah where Utah residential roofing contractors are seeing more and more new home blueprints utilizing the style.

There are many more traditional styles that are also becoming popular this year, but by far Mansard is the most popular. If you are considering a different style roof for your home, Mansard style is a very good choice, but you also have the options of Dutch gable styles, Catenary, or saddleback. The choice is up to you.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Working Offshore and Onshore

Offshore platforms are oil-drilling rigs that are located in the ocean (most often in the Gulf of Mexico). These rigs can best be explained as giant floating factories in the sea; a factory that also doubles as a ship. Both home and workplace for the many workers that work 8-12 month contracts on the rigs, these floating energy plants need all of the equipment and supplies of both a large-scale factory and a barge. Getting the supplies from shore to rig is the job of only a handful of companies with the knowledge and expertise to ship large amounts of machinery and supplies across the water.

Bluestream Services is an onshore and offshore maintenance and services company that knows the ins-and-outs of balancing onshore and offshore shipping and maintenance. Rental equipment, generators, cooling towers, and other industrial equipment is prepped on the mainland and carefully packed for shipping to various rigs. Once finally shipped to the rig, the equipment is offloaded and brought onto the offshore rig.

Once the equipment is on the rig, the professionals at Bluestream Services continue to service and maintain the equipment throughout the length of the contract. This ensures that the client who ordered the rental equipment has a qualified professional who is familiar with the equipment that can take care of both daily and emergency procedures.

To learn more about offshore equipment and services, visit the Bluestream Services page online.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Attorneys Warn of Fraudulent Car Accidents

It is no surprise that when the economy is seeing bad numbers -- especially such high rates of unemployment -- numerous scams, and other dangerous crimes begin to skyrocket, leaving many people out there potential victims of these scams.

One of the biggest scams Pittsburgh Injury attorneys see, is when people intentionally cause car accidents and pretend to be in pain afterwards. These criminal's intent is to receive settlement checks from your insurance company. The insurance company, will in-turn try to make up for this loss by raising your car insurance rates. What this means is, your insurance company lost money on this false claim, you now have to pay more every month to continue your insurance policy, and the criminal got away with gaining the money. Bowers Ross Fawcett in Pittsburgh, PA is a legal firm that has experienced many years of dealing with these types of criminals, and know all the ways to spot their tricks, and know how to make sure that they don't get away with their crime.

While Bowers Ross Fawcett are professionals, and have the training to spotty these phonies with relative ease, the everyday normal person may not be able to spot the traits of a car accident that was planned and executed. This is why it is so important to consult with an attorney after any accident. If the other party is claiming that they are hurt and want money from your insurance to cover it, hiring an attorney right away can put you in a better position to present your case. If it does turn out that the accident was a part of a scam, both you and your insurance rates will stay unchanged.

Machinery Moving Made Safe

When it comes to moving heavy equipment from one location to another, safety is key. Safety is the main concern anytime heavy equipment such as forklifts, cranes, rigging, or lighting is being moved. Whether simply moving a single piece down the street, or plant location from California to New York, safety has to be factored into every turn of the wheels, and every minute in motion.

Like its name states, heavy equipment weighs a lot -- sometimes up to 40,000 tons! With all of that weight that can potentially shift, anyone around that equipment has to take a lot of care to make sure they do not end up in a mishap. This is why Triple E Machinery has been trusted for 40 years to make all moves -- from small to entire factories -- safe through effective planning and careful execution.

With a large fleet of trucks, forklifts, moving equipment, and cranes, Triple E Machinery can make journeys of any distance, and -- with their harbor services expertise -- can even prepare, load, and ship machinery or items via ship, barge, or other seafaring transports. To start moving machinery today, get shipping with Triple E Machinery.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Honest, Dependable Laptop Repair

When you work on the internet for a living, you start to learn more than you ever wanted to know about computer problems and computer repairs. It is the nature of computers to break, and they have a tendency to break often. When your computer needs repairs, our office has found that you cannot beat Parts People.

We have had problems in the past with unprofessional computer repair services, and we have seen it all. Unprofessional laptop repair services may go into your computer, take any expensive parts, replace them with cheaper parts, and make a profit off of you. Not only is this unethical, it is illegal, but falls under the same category as a dishonest mechanic -- it must be proved that something was done wrong.

Avoiding all of that mess altogether, we have been strong supporters of Parts People and their signature computer repair service for many years. We can not stress enough the honesty, integrity, and quality of the services they perform. Don't get duped by the repair squads in electronics stores, go with the experts. Go with