Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Looks Bright for Construction Jobs

Photo Courtesy of Roofers Supply Group

We are barely a week into 2013 right now, and already this new year has brought us a lot of good news about the overall state of the U.S., and the state of its citizens. The American people, though through troubles and years of struggles through the Great Recession, are beginning to bounce-back in a resilient return to productivity and prominence.

In addition to lowered jobless claims, more companies hiring, less housing foreclosures, and higher holiday spending, the construction industry -- one of the hardest hit by the initial downfall of the economy -- is beginning to see a bright return as well. With 10 states across the U.S. increasing their minimum wages, an increase in public works projects and commercial construction, and with homes beginning to sell and increase in value, the stage is set for a very big construction industry comeback.

Edward Mason, a roofing contractor from Ogden, UT states, "I have a really good feeling about 2013. I have already had three calls this week for big projects this spring... and that is a very good start." In the past few years, Mason admits that it was taking up until the month of May to line up just a few projects for the year. "We are truly blessed to have the work, and we are very thankful for it."

Mason's words reflect the feeling in many American's hearts, that there is a feeling of renewed hope that came with 2013, and we hope that the prosperity will continue to shine on us throughout the coming years, as we have the opportunities, once again, to earn an honest day's work, and to live with and for our families.

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