Monday, February 4, 2013

Attorneys Warn of Fraudulent Car Accidents

It is no surprise that when the economy is seeing bad numbers -- especially such high rates of unemployment -- numerous scams, and other dangerous crimes begin to skyrocket, leaving many people out there potential victims of these scams.

One of the biggest scams Pittsburgh Injury attorneys see, is when people intentionally cause car accidents and pretend to be in pain afterwards. These criminal's intent is to receive settlement checks from your insurance company. The insurance company, will in-turn try to make up for this loss by raising your car insurance rates. What this means is, your insurance company lost money on this false claim, you now have to pay more every month to continue your insurance policy, and the criminal got away with gaining the money. Bowers Ross Fawcett in Pittsburgh, PA is a legal firm that has experienced many years of dealing with these types of criminals, and know all the ways to spot their tricks, and know how to make sure that they don't get away with their crime.

While Bowers Ross Fawcett are professionals, and have the training to spotty these phonies with relative ease, the everyday normal person may not be able to spot the traits of a car accident that was planned and executed. This is why it is so important to consult with an attorney after any accident. If the other party is claiming that they are hurt and want money from your insurance to cover it, hiring an attorney right away can put you in a better position to present your case. If it does turn out that the accident was a part of a scam, both you and your insurance rates will stay unchanged.

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