Thursday, February 7, 2013

Working Offshore and Onshore

Offshore platforms are oil-drilling rigs that are located in the ocean (most often in the Gulf of Mexico). These rigs can best be explained as giant floating factories in the sea; a factory that also doubles as a ship. Both home and workplace for the many workers that work 8-12 month contracts on the rigs, these floating energy plants need all of the equipment and supplies of both a large-scale factory and a barge. Getting the supplies from shore to rig is the job of only a handful of companies with the knowledge and expertise to ship large amounts of machinery and supplies across the water.

Bluestream Services is an onshore and offshore maintenance and services company that knows the ins-and-outs of balancing onshore and offshore shipping and maintenance. Rental equipment, generators, cooling towers, and other industrial equipment is prepped on the mainland and carefully packed for shipping to various rigs. Once finally shipped to the rig, the equipment is offloaded and brought onto the offshore rig.

Once the equipment is on the rig, the professionals at Bluestream Services continue to service and maintain the equipment throughout the length of the contract. This ensures that the client who ordered the rental equipment has a qualified professional who is familiar with the equipment that can take care of both daily and emergency procedures.

To learn more about offshore equipment and services, visit the Bluestream Services page online.

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