Thursday, November 8, 2012

Post Election: Getting Back to Work

Well, the election of 2012 is now done and over. Many are asking the question: "Where do we go from here?"

While none of us can foresee what exactly the future holds for The United States of America, we definitely know what we have to do. Now is the time for all of us, from the President down to every last one of us, to get back to work.

Thinking that it is only the re-elected President Obama's duty to grow and strengthen our economy is a fallacy. In fact, it is the duty of every single American, no matter which candidate you were rooting for, to all do our part to add to the growth and strength of America.

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that America is a great country built on strong principles; you and I are the embodiment of those principles. Doctors may hold strife over the changing climate of healthcare, yet they still have a job to do -- to save lives and care for their fellow Americans. Those in the construction industry may not be seeing as much work as they did ten years ago, but there is still work out their to be done. In the business and finance industries, there is tough work ahead. The finance industry still reels from bad policies that were in-place and led to the eventual downfall of the economy -- an economy that we need to work hard on to rebuild.

No matter what sector you -- as a worker -- call your own, that sector needs your help. Together, all Americans need to keep their focus and use your own ideas and talents to bring about hope and change. With all of us working together, all the promises of a better tomorrow that were made during the campaigning can be brought to fruition. The answer doesn't lay within the Presidential winner or runner-up, it lays within you and I.

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