Monday, November 12, 2012

Unmatched Service Builds Reputation

There are a lot of industries that are filled with businesses looking to just do the bare-minimum, collect a check, and then leave; the painting industry is chock-full of companies holding this business model. Unfortunately, with so many small painting businesses all around the country, the "bad" companies don't often get "called out."

We here at American Blue Collar don't want to call any particular business out for any marks on their record, instead we try and commend companies that we find exceptional. Today, we commend PGH Painter for their unwavering customer service, excellent business model, and most of all, their cleanliness.

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance in the painting industry and these Pittsburgh painters are the best. PGH takes the extra time to plan ahead before any brush touches a drop of paint. Careful preparation ensures that your home and belongings are secure from any accidents including: drips, paint spills, or any other damage to personal property.

Chances are you have heard of friends or family who have had a nightmare time with a painting company. Stories abound about how painters have left unsightly drips, damaged masonry, or simply left a big mess behind after the job was finished. PGH is a well-respected, and awarded company for their attention to detail.

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