Monday, November 26, 2012

Post Thanksgiving Savings

We hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and ate so much that you are saying, "I never want to see turkey dinner again!"

Well, that is what most of the country is thinking right now and that means savings for all you blue collared workers. Frozen turkeys are on sale right now at amazing cut-rate prices. Turkeys can last months or years in your refrigerator, or you can cut the whole bird into pieces.

Also, green beans will be exceptionally low-priced because the grocery stores always overstock on canned green beans because it is the one thing they simply cannot run out of. Because they are canned,  they have a very long shelf life, and grocery stores will want to be getting rid of them quickly. Grocery stores cannot keep cans on their shelves as long as you can.

Stuffing by the box will also be on sale right now and it can last for years as well. If you aren't into stuffing any more than once per year, you can always just harvest the seasoning pouch from the box and use this to add a little flair to meats, soups, and more.

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